Combined machine 5 functions • 310 mm




The machine is delivered with 1 circular saw ø315 with Z40, 3 knives, clamps, 1 miter saw template, 1 side table with a graduated rule, setting rings, 1 sanding roller (height 120mm and grit 100), shaft setting template, 1 power tilting xation , a gleaning rule, keys and instruction manual.

Overall dimensions (LxWxH)3200 x 2900 x 1200 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)860 mm
Motor power (230V/400V - 50Hz)3000W - 4CV/3800W-5CV 
Main blade speed / scoring blade speed4500 T/min / 8500T/min
Diameter and bore of the blade (mm)315 x 30 / 250 x 30 mm
Diameter and bore of the scoring blade (mm)- / 100 x 20 mm
Main blade tilt45°
Maximum cutting height100 mm / 70 mm
45° cutting capacity80 mm / 55 mm
Table size (LxD)860 x 300 mm
Extension table size (LxD)505 x 300 mm
Sliding table size (LxW)2000 x 270 mm
Motor power (230V/400V - 50Hz)2800W - 3,8 CV
Spindle speed1800-3000-6000-9000
Spindle diameter30 mm
Spindle threadM14
Spindle height100 mm
Max tool diameter200 mm
Table size (LxW)860 x 300 mm
Motor power (230V/400V - 50Hz)3000W - 4CV / 3800W - 5CV
Cutter speed4800 T/min
Cutter diameter70 mm
Knives size310 x 25 x 3 mm
Knives number3
Thicknessing width310 mm
Max chip removalde 0 à 5 mm
Table size1380 x 315 mm
Fence size1200 x 150 mm
Fence tiltde 45° à 90°
Max planing witdh305 mm
Planing height225 mm
Max chip removalde 0 à 3 mm
Feed rate6 m/min
Table size (LxW)540 x 306 mm
Wescott chuck0 à 16 mm
Table size500 x 210 mm
Mortising height140 mm
Table vertical travel290 mm
Table lateral travel150 mm
Combined dust port3 x ø100 mm
Net weight565 Kg
Reference for spare parts: - Mono270000(+ N°/vue éclatée)
- Tri270200(+ N°/vue éclatée)
Barcode: - Mono3700501705219
Packing size (LxWxH): - Machine1570 x 1220 x 985 mm
- Sliding table2100 x 320 x 245 mm
Gross Weight615 Kg