Electronic wood lathe • 1200 mm




The machine is delivered with its basis, 1 gouges support, extension table for drilling, 1 plate of diameter 150mm, 1 spikes xation point, 1 rotating counterpoint, 1 indexing pin, woodwork remover, keys and instruction manual.

Motor power (230 V - 50Hz)1500 W - 2CV
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)1900 x 420 x 1180 mm
Height over bed900 mm
Rotation speed
- Low speedDe 0 à 1200 t/min
- High speedDe 0 à 3200 t/min
Max distance between centers1200 mm
Swing over Bed450 mm
Swing over extension750 mm
Swing over Tool support300 mm
Spindle threadM33 x 3,5
Headstock taperCM2
Sliding headstock taperCM2
Sliding headstock holeø 10 mm
Net weight190 Kg
Reference for spare parts150200 (+ N°/exploded)
Packing size (LxWxH)1720 x 550 x 560 mm
Gross Weight265 Kg