Sliding mitre saw • 250 mm




  • • Machine ideal for long cutting wood (and derived materials) and plastic. It is possible to chamfer with this machine and in order to make right-angled or compound cuts.
  • • Base in die-cast aluminum, with mounting holes, making it possible to install the machine on a stand or on a workbench.
  • • Revolving saw table in cast aluminum, adjustable from 47 ° to right and to left. Indexation for the most common angles.
  • • Table extensions for pieces with large dimensions.
  • • Vertical clamping screw that can be positioned both right and left.
  • • Cutting head adjustable from 48 ° to the left and 2 ° to the right.
  • • Offset the saw head (radial profile) for larger snijcapacitei-ten, ball bearing sliding.
  • • Adjustable depth stop: ability to create grooves.
  • • Handrails on the back of the base for perfect stability
  • • Laser fed by the sector for the display of the cut.
  • • Suction nozzle Ø41mm with recuperatiezak for sawdust.
  • • Handle and slide blocking system of the cup for the displacement-solution.

*The machine comes with a vertical clamp, 1 carbide blade with 40 teeth, a recuperatiezak for sawdust, extensions of the table, a laser, keys and instructions.

Motor power (230V - 50HZ)2000 W - 2,7 CV (charbon)
Overall dimensions (L x l x h)720 x 985 x 560 mm
Rotation speed5000 T/min
Diameter blade255 mm
Boring blade30 mm
Inclination head (left and right)2º right / 48º left
Table orientation (Left to Right)47°
Indexing table (left - right)0°et15°,22,5°,31,6°,45°
Suction outlet (with bag)ø 41 mm
Travel distance220 mm
Table orientation  | Tilting head | Cutting capacities
0° °0 305 x 75 mm
45° °0 210 x 75 mm
0° 54° 305 x 36 mm45º left(-15 mm right)
45° 54° 210 x 36 mm45º left(-15 mm right)
Net weight14 kg
Reference for separe parts030600 (+ N° Exploded view)
Packing size790 x 480 x 400 mm
Gross weight17,5 kg